Summer Activities on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island thrives in the summer months, where the warm breeze of the lake graces the shores and makes visitors fall in love with our beautiful island. Many consider summer to be the best time to visit the island, as most activities are available and the weather is exceptional.

Running, and Biking, and Walking. Oh My!

To kick off the summer, join us for the Fort 2 Fort 5-Mile Challenge and/or the Zoo-De-Mack Bike Bash! Exactly as it sounds, racers begin the Fort 2 Fort 5-Mile Challenge at Fort Mackinac to the fire of rifles! From there, runners make their way up to Fort Holmes and then make their way back. With the excitement of the race and the scenery around it, everyone is sure to have a good time.

If Biking is more your speed, the Zoo De Mack Bike Bash would be perfect for you and your family! Not really a race, this bike ride aims to get families or individuals who want to get some physical activities together. This 50+ mile ride starts off at Boyne Highland Resort and makes its way to Mackinaw City utilizing non-busy, paved roads. From there, bikers hop onto ferries and make their way to our beloved island. You check into your hotel, relax, and get ready for the amazing live music and activities the night will bring!

After summer has been around a while, island guests get another chance to show off their athletic prowess at the Lilac Festival 10k Run & Walk. Purely on paved roads, runners and walkers will see all the beautiful sites Mackinac island has to offer. 

The Lilac Festival

Being the largest event on the island, this 10-day celebration attracts thousands of people! The Lilac Festival includes the crowning of the Lilac Queen and Court, horse-drawn carriage tours, the Lilac Festival Grand Parade, and many more activities to keep you and your family entertained.

Fourth of July Festivities

It's a very patriotic time on the Fourth of July on Mackinac Island. Events like the W.T. Rabe Stone Skipping Competition and the July 4th Fireworks Display are just some of the things you can enjoy!