About Us

Mackinac Island has been charming visitors for decades with its beautiful landscape, history, shopping and sightseeing. The Mackinac House encompasses all the charm the island offers and is located steps away from it all.

"We'd love for you to be our guest!" – Your hosts, Rose & Dave Witt

The following story is based on the article “Michigan couple left their 9-5 jobs, started new adventure as Mackinac Island innkeepers” by Tanda Gmiter of Mlive.com. Read the full article here.  

Rose and Dave Witt haven't always been innkeepers — far from it. Rose was born and raised serving customers at her parents’ burger and ice cream eatery for 42 years — General Manager for 20 years — at Anthony's, in Howell. It's here she first honed her hospitality skills. In 2004, she took a job at Hanover Insurance, eventually becoming a licensed insurance adjuster, but she knew it wasn't her calling. “I am not a four-walls kind of person”, says Witt.

After a decade of working at her desk job, she was starting to think about doing something new. She and her husband Dave had started taking trips to Mackinac Island to visit their daughter, Katharine, who had a summer job there. They got to see the behind-the-scenes aspects of the island and became friends with many of the local workers. Mackinac Island soon felt like a home away from home.

In 2016, Rose was feeling like she needed a job change when a friend told her about a possible innkeeper position at the Cottage Inn — our sister location. Rose mustered up her courage and decided to apply. A month later, she received a call asking if she was interested in trying out for the job. Rose had to discuss this potential life-changing decision with her husband. His reply: “You’ve waited your whole life for this. Go back up there and call him and say yes.”

For two months, Rose trained with the departing innkeepers, learning all the details of managing the inn. After her first successful season, she was hooked. The next year, in 2017, her husband Dave retired from a longtime job in Howell, and he now helps out at the Inn as well, taking care of handyman projects, cooking breakfasts and maintaining the garden. Their daughter, Katharine, is part of the team, too, working the front desk at both properties when she's not doing freelance social media marketing and photography.

“We have met so many people. We have laughed and cried with our guests,” says Rose, who delights in sharing stories. They recently spoke with a couple who honeymooned on the island 60 years ago. Other guests have traveled from as far as London and Australia to experience Mackinac Island.

The Witt family are excellent hosts, and when you visit the Mackinac House, you can expect to receive extra special care.