Where to Spend a Rainy Day on Mackinac Island

Yes, even Mackinac Island has rainy days. It may seem like it’s always sunshine and clear skies, but the island does get its fair share of rain. But don’t worry, if it rains during your summer vacation there are still tons of unique ways to spend your day. 

In fact, rainy days can be a blessing in disguise, offering special opportunities to do things inside without the stress of feeling like you’re wasting a beautiful day. 

Here is our recommendation on ways to spend a rainy day on Mackinac Island. 

Enlighten your taste buds with a culinary journey around Mackinac Island 

Mackinac Island is known for its large amount of amazing dining options that not only offer delectable bites and divine cocktails but also are housed in some of the most unique buildings on the island. From a secluded Tudor mansion with a duckpin bowling alley to an old-fashioned diner that’s been around since the 60s, you’re sure to find a unique experience wherever you go. 

We recommend reading our ‘Culinary Journey: Dining & Delights on Mackinac Island’ article for a few of our personal favorites. 

A rainy day provides you the opportunity to enjoy multiple places—maybe an appetizer at one, drinks at another, dinner at a third, and dessert at a fourth. After all, there’s no rush when you have a full day and an empty stomach, although by the end you might need to take a long nap back at the Mackinac House. 

See and Experience the Island from Different Views 

Rain doesn’t’ slow the island down, and there is still plenty to see and experience on Mackinac Island. One option is to see the island from a horse-drawn carriage. Most of the horse-drawn carriage rides on the island are covered, so even on a rainy day, you can take a truly unique tour of the island. 

We also recommend seeing the different unique attractions on the island. Our favorites are:

Discover Hidden Treasures & Gems 

With so many unique places to shop on Mackinac Island, you can waste a large portion of your day browsing the small boutiques, souvenir shops, and other stores on the island. And we bet you’ll find a few hidden treasures and must-have items along the way. A few of our recommendations include 

There will never be a dull moment on your trip to Mackinac Island, even if it does rain. An umbrella, raincoat, and the willingness to explore are all the things you need for a rainy day on Mackinac Island. 

After your long day of exploring, you’re going to need the perfect place to dry off and unwind for the evening. The Mackinac House is the perfect hotel. Just one block from downtown Mackinac Island, it’s only a short walk in the rain and the perfect place to stay on Mackinac Island!