Autumn Activities on Mackinac Island

Autumn is a time for a slower pace on the island when the bustle of the summer traffic begins to fade and the leaves change to warm oranges and reds. This doesn't mean there isn't still fun to be had, however! Many of the iconic Mackinac Island activities like hiking and biking are perfect in the cooler months with a little more space to enjoy your trip. Endless activities combined with the decline in traffic might make fall the best time to visit the island!

When you visit Mackinac Island, a special fall color tour flight with Great Lakes Air lets you see the Island from a whole new perspective. We bet you can even spot The Mackinac House from all the way up there! Horseback trail riding is another unique way to experience the island.

Running Wild

If you want to see all the sites of Mackinac Island in a shorter period of time, why not join the Eight Mile Run & Walk. Marking the end of summer, this scenic race happens in early September (check their site for exact dates and times). Pass by historic landmarks, beautiful landscapes, and even the hustle and bustle of downtown. See it all! It's the Eight Mile Run AND WALK, so if you haven't gotten out your running shoes in a while, don't fret. Slow it down and finish the course at your own pace!

If eight miles isn't enough, there's the Great Turtle Trail Run & Half Marathon! Towards the end of October, runners from around the world gather to test their skills with the backdrop of the beautiful fall sites. Altering between a breathtaking view of the lake and the secluded island interior, it truly is a runner's dream. Again, if the running is just not your cup of tea, take the 5.7-mile run/walk course. Enjoy all the same views! -- on your own time.


Are you ready for a spooky weekend? The last weekend in October commences Halloween on the Island. With trick-or-treating for the children down at the shops and costume contests for the adults in the bars and restaurants, you'll never have a dull moment! This marks the end of the season on Mackinac Island so enjoy all the features that won't be there in the winter!

Activities for any Weather

Once fall rolls around, there are sure to be some rainy days on the Island. These days present a great opportunity for the indoor activities the island has to offer!

Haunted Theatre - The haunted theatre is a haunted house with monsters galore! The monsters are based off of Mackinac Island’s history.

Maze of MirrorsHave fun finding your way through this maze of mirrors and glass!

Art Classes at Watercolor CaféEnjoy the views of the harbor as you paint and sip. Watercolor café also offers watercolor lessons and jewelry workshops. Classes are reserved for adults, but the café is open for all ages.

Haunts of Mackinac - Embark on a journey of the unknown on Mackinac. Tours are family friendly, entertaining, and informational.  

The Perfect Makinac Island Hotel

When you're planning your fall Mackinac Island trip, you're likely thinking about the perfect place to stay. The Mackinac House is the perfect luxury hotel on Mackinac Island for all seasons! Our cottage on Mackinac Island is tucked into peaceful Market Street, just one block from downtown. Our luxury hotel is the perfect place to take in the fall colors, and our large front porch is ideal for enjoying a quiet continental breakfast or just relaxing with the family while taking in the clip-clop of the famous horse-drawn buggies passing by. You won't find a better place to stay on Mackinac Island in the fall!